Preserving Poe for Future Writers



south park edgar allan poe book
South Park “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers”, osers#source=57baee9c-b611-4260-958b-05315479a7fc:63a32034-1ea6-492d-b95b-9433e3f62f8d&position=4&sort=!airdate. Accessed 2 May 2017.

Poe has created a massive impact on american literature by publishing his tales of the dreary, dark, and supernatural. His influence is widespread and has become an icon to many people. For example, the goth subculture, identified by their dark clothing and love for the supernatural, has adored Poe and considers him one of them. This lasting influence perplexes many people, it is unclear as to why Poe is so ubiquitous; maybe it is his “outsider” personality, or it might be that his tales resonate with all of his readers. Whatever the reason, it is important that we preserve his works and pass them on, unaltered by modern interpretations. Poe’s tales have already stood the test of time, lasting for over 150 years with wide appeal. I do not believe that any modern interpretation will make a lasting impact as the original text. It isn’t wrong for people to reinterpret Poe’s works for their own writings; however, those tales should not be passed on under Poe’s name. Many of the modern interpretations of Poe’s works have the main idea that Poe wanted, but it delineates from the subtle details that Poe intended the work to have. In his essay “The Philosophy of Composition” Poe insists that we write for the purpose of creating an emotion or reaction. By altering details of a story, a modern interpretation can attempt at creating the same emotion, but it always falls short compared to its original text. By constantly changing what Poe intended, I fear that the meaning, which he held to a high standard, will be lost in translation.

Nevermore (New York. Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 2008). 

In the graphic novel “Nevermore” there are various authors and illustrators that attempted to recreate Poe’s stories, but none of the works compel me like Poe’s original text. It is important that we allow people to reinterpret Poe in their own ways so that they can derive ideas from him, but their stories should be second to the original texts to preserve as much of Poe as possible.

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