Edgar Allan Poe: The LOVER that LOVED to LOVE (By Benito Alvarez)

An Editorial Statement:

        The edition provided is intended to function digitally, rather than as a print edition. First and foremost, digital editions allow for easy, organized access online. While it is nice to have the original print editions on hand, digital editions allow for both access online as well as the opportunity to print them as well. Rather than limiting the access of this editorial to one avenue of use, this digital edition allows for the acquisition of both versions of the edition. More importantly, having access to these two different modes of review allows for two different ways of annotation and analysis of each. For example, the print style allows for handwritten, informal analysis of text that does not have to abide by the organizational limitations provided by computerized analysis. However, this organizational limitation proves advantageous in the sense that it allows just that: a more organized, coherent typed analysis of the text provided. Additionally, providing for both versions allows for this copy to be tailored people that enjoy the aesthetic and retro quality of the original paper-derived sources or to people that cherish the aesthetics and futuristic quality of the new digital age.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 5.20.31 PM

         This edition is intended to reach an audience of any age. Specifically, Poe fans who wish to analyze less commonly acknowledged aspects of his craft, such as the romantic rather than gloomy themes present in many of his poems, may benefit from reviewing this editorial. Additionally, Poe enthusiasts and historians that wish to analyze the history and stories behind Poe’s poetry, namely information concerning his immensely busy and hectic love life, may benefit as well.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 5.22.15 PM

        This piece accomplishes targeting a very general audience by specific methods of formatting, widely understood diction, straightforward explanations, and incorporation of relevant images corresponding to each poem. For example, while the organization of this paper is not compact, it is organized well via separation of the selected works and their annotations by employing dashed lines between each analyzed poem. This is no doubt a trade off between aesthetic quality and format, however, the main goal of this essay is to act as an informational tool that employs Poe’s poetry as a lens to look into lesser known aspects of his life. By employing comprehendible word choices and uncomplicated clarification of Poe’s biographical information, a larger audience can be targeted more efficiently. Again, this swaps phonetic aesthetics and entertainment for efficient delivery of information, which is appropriate for the primary intent of this essay. In order to somewhat compensate for this loss of appeal for the reader, images of Poe’s lovers are provided for each poem respectively.


Frances Sargent Osgood (Illustration) 

(Redd, 2017)


Jane Stanard (Illustration)

(Burden, 2017)


Maria Clemm (Illustration)

(Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore, 2017)

          Regarding Poe’s legacy, this article certainly adds a much different, needed perspective concerning his life and biography. Many people are quick to assume that all of Poe’s works revolve around doom and depressive themes. However, by providing some of his more romantic, more light-hearted poetry, this essay is able to convey his ability to express positive emotions as well, adding evidence for a new dimension inherent in Poe’s overall legacy. Additionally, the facts and biographical details behind each of these poems add even more depth to Poe’s legacy, showcasing the beauties and struggles of his romantic life, such as his incredible affinity for many love affairs, appreciations of familial love, and heartbreak. Overall, this article’s intent, at the end of the day, is to point to the breadth of Poe’s poetic themes and the biographical aspects pertaining to such breadth.


(Valentine’s Day Pictures, 2013)

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